Building houses that connect with the people want to live.

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As a design/ build company, we build 2 to 4 custom homes per year. We work closely with the owners and endeavor to maximize value and creativity , while being responsive to their needs in each home we build.
Contact Information:
Owner: Dennis Myers
Phone: 503-246-3038
Fax: 503-452-2768
Oregon CCB# 35294
Lifespace Design is the web site for Dennis Myers Design Build, a small volume design-build company. Our goals are to help individuals and families build a home that :
• expresses the owners's personality, needs and aspirations
• accommodates changing lifestyles
• is responsible in its use of materials and energy
• and yet is within a realistic budget.

We provide comprehensive solutions to housing needs with the following Services:

• Home Evaluation

• Green Building

• Design

• Remodeling and Additions

• New Homes

• Real Estate

As a Design Build company with over 40 years of expereince, we can help your focus on what is important for you. We live in a time of transition in so many areas of our lives and how we build our homes is at the center of these transitions. We respect the nature of the challenges that are confronting us and the need for you to take time for reflection.